Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 2 MTC

Hey familia!

I'm just sending a quick little email to let you know that I'm alive and at the MTC!  This is the craziest, hardest, coolest experience ever.  It's amazing how quickly I have learned here in these past two days.  There's absolutely no way I'd make it without the knowledge that I have God on my side.  
My companion is awesome! She's the one my friend showed me on instagram.  She's from Provo and we are the only two sister's going to Cape Verde in the MTC right now.  
I'm so grateful for this experience.  It's hard, but as I take it one moment at a time, trusting God, I have a great peace and I learn more than I thought possible.

Time is up! 

Love you all to peices. My P-day is on Monday. Talk to you soon!
-Sister Frongner 
Hugs and Kisses!!!

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