Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First Week Official Email

Hey friends and family!

I'll just start by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH for the emails and letters I received this first week.  I can't explain enough how much they helped me! 

The first two days in the MTC were definitely some of the hardest days ever.  As soon as I was dropped off I asked myself why I would ever choose to sign up for something like this by my own free will. I walked around with giant eyes full of fear and tears just waiting to spill out.  Haha BUT it got SOOO much better. Being 100% honest I absolutely love it now.

So the first day my host took me to drop my bags off in my room and then she dropped me off at my class room and as soon as I walked in all I heard was Portuguese.  It was quite overwhelming, but my teacher is the most energetic and excited person ever and before I knew it I was having a good time and learning more Portuguese than I ever thought was possible in a day! 

They packed so much into the first two days I didn't think a mission was physically going to be possible.  I was SO exhausted. But we finally got into a normal schedule so now it's definitely manageable.  Haha but still crazy.

Here's a little snippet of what a normal day at the MTC is like:

6:30 Wake Up
7:00 Start Personal Study
7:30 Breakfast
8:00 Plan/Teach investigator
11:30 Lunch
12:15 Irmao Staples (Portuguese time with teacher)
3:30 Gym Time (I quite enjoy this part)
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Personal Study
7:00 Companion Study
8:00 Language Study
9:00 Plan
9:30 Back to Residence
10:30 Bedtime!

I forgot something... But that's close enough ;) Anywho we are only in our residence halls from 9:30pm-6:55am everyday.  We pretty much live in our classroom. And surprisingly I don't mind. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to sit in a class room all day, but I love it!  

On the second day my companion and I were called as music coordinators for our zone!  We also learned how to pray and bear our testimonies in Portuguese.  I've been practicing a lot.  My prayers and testimony are super simple and slow but I'm getting better. 

Ok day 3.  You won't believe it.  Well at least I couldn't believe it.  They had us teach a lesson in Portuguese. Literally we had from about 2pm on Wednesday to 8am on Friday and we were speaking in Portuguese. My companion and I were quite frightened by this thought.  But it actually turned out ok and we understood most of what she said!  I've been floored by how fast the language comes, there's no way this would be possible without God.  It's been quite the humbling and testimony building experience.

When we taught on day 3 we had notes, but on day 4 we were asked to teach without notes.  The lesson without notes went amazing.  The spirit was there and we were all crying and speaking in Portuguese. It was incredible.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to play the hymns in sacrament and accompany the elders (who are leaving to Cape Verde today) in a musical number. After sacrament half of the sister's in my zone (including myself) couldn't find the relief society room so I ended up teaching the relief society lesson!  It was a good experience for me.

I've never felt God's power so strong.  I definitely couldn't do this alone, but as I have had to put my complete trust in Him over the past couple days I have been astounded at the miracles and blessings and peace that I have felt.

Eu sou muito grato por a oportunidade a servir a missoa. Eu sou grato por mi Salvador e a forca eu recebo de ele cada dia. Eu sei que com fe in Jesus Cristo nos recebemos ajuda e a forca em nos [struggles].

[English Translation: I'm very grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission.  I'm grateful for my Savior and the strength I receive from him each day.  I know that with faith in Jesus Christ we can receive help in our struggles.]

Here are two scriptures that really helped me get through the first two days: D&C 1:4-8 and D&C 31:3,5.

The cord to my camera is not working so I will try to shoot some pictures your way a little later today. 

Thank you for all of your support! It means so much and keeps me going when times get tough!

Lots and lots of love,

Sister Frongner (It is Sister in Portuguese, but pronounced Seester.  If you're talking about a sister in a family then it would be irma) 😉 

PS I will try to write all of you back today, but time is short.  Love you!!!

Mikaela's Zone

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