Monday, January 18, 2016

Second Week at the MTC

My companion Sister Reneer 

Hola familia e amigos!

This week has been great!! I'm still loving the MTC and learning more than I can understand!! 

So the most eventful part of the week was probably my companion getting a concussion.  She slammed her head against the concrete wall in the middle of the night and concussed herself and was out for two or three days.  So we spent most of Saturday and part of Sunday in the our room with the lights off, but I think she has recovered now so that's good!!!! 

Our investigator committed to be baptized this week!  And then she turned into our second teacher. Haha she's so sweet and she can give us hugs.  And they're the happiest hugs ever.  I love it.

Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke to us on Tuesday!  My companion and the other sister companionship all sang in the choir. And then Janice Kapp Perry spoke to us yesterday.  It was awesome to hear from them.

Anywho, sorry I don't have much to talk about this week.  Once you get a set schedule it doesn't change too much.

On a funny note, one of the elders in our district told their investigator to bite Christ.  He was trying to say something like you can change through Jesus Christ.  And the word change and bite are really similar (Mordar vs. Morder). Haha so that gave us all a good laugh.  Also, the same elders upon introducing themselves as missionaries accidently told their investigator they had a massage for her instead of a message.  Good thing we're in the MTC and they're not actual investigators yet.   

Something that I enjoy about Portuguese is that they use the word beautiful a lot.  It will be used instead of saying you understand? or everyone is good?  Our teacher will say "beleza?" (beautiful?) and then if everyone is good we say, "beleza"  :)

Also I have been given some nicknames.  I can't remember how it came up, but I was telling my district about my wilderness survival class, so some of the elders now call me Sister Grillz or Sister Bear Grillz.  And then during gym time Sister Hart and I play volleyball everyday and since my name is hard to say people just call me Sister Frog. 

I love all of the people I'm meeting!  My district is all getting really close and we're having a great time!  It's like my family away from home.  

We got to attend the temple this morning and while I was there I ran across a scripture in Alma 13 verse 3.  If you get a chance read it.  It talks about how God has called and foreordained us to do great things.  

Eu sou grato por a opportunidade a servir a missao.  Obrigada por todos de suas support!! Eu muito amo voce!  

Much love, 

Sister Frongner

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