Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekly email...

Hola minha familia e amigos,
Sister "FROZEN" Frongner...Many had hard time pronouncing her last name, and it became easier to just call her Frozen
They all know the movie Frozen, so Sister Frozen she has gone by.
This week was good!  There wasn´t anything particularly amazing or terrible, and I´m having a hard time remember exactly what happened this week. So I apologize that it´s going to be a pretty short one!

I can´t believe this is the last week of the transfer! Time goes by so fast some days and so slow the others. Anywho, I´ll keep you updated!

We were talking to one of our investigators this week and she was relating her heart breaking life story. I began to feel inadequete because she was in such a difficult situation.   But it was one of those moments when I realized that truly this message is not just for specific people, but for everyone. Christ suffered for everyones afflictions and it is through him that we can find a peace. No matter what you are going through you can find peace and strength to endure your trials through our Savior Jesus Christ.  

I read a talk today called, "The Challenge to Become" by Dallin H. Oaks.  It´s so good!  We are here to become.  We can understand our purpose and who it is that we are to become as we turn to our Father in Heaven and we can find the strength to become this person through our Savior Jesus Christ. We all have a great purpose here!

I´ll write more next week!!  

Thank you for the love and support!  

Lots of love from your Sister in Cabo Verde.

Sis Fronger
Sao Vicente, Mindelo

5+ weeks and she has grown to truly love her week is transfers

Mikaela and Sister Taulufo from Mozambique

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