Monday, September 12, 2016

Loving the Fogo life!

Hello everyone!

These past couple weeks have been awesome.  Sister Léger is a blast.  Haha and this week I guess you could say she was just a little too happy. She had a laughing attack this week for 2 hours straight.  Not exagerating at all.  It might have been longer.  Luckily the majority of this laughing attack happened in our apartment.  Hahaha she´s fun one! :)

This past week we had the opportunity to have President and Sister Mathews (mission president and wife) in Fogo.  Sister Mathews taught with me and Sister Léger for the day. She is great! It was a good experience. Although she doesn´t speak a lot of Portuguese, when she speaks the spirit is so strong.  

One thing that has stuck out to me recently is how well God knows His children.  Last Sunday two women showed up at church.  After sacrament meeting we talked with them and they said that the Elder´s had invited them to church.  In relief society one of them bore their testimony about the spirit and how one time she didn´t follow the spirit and due to the consequences she told herself that she would always follow the spirit from that day on.  When the Elders invited her to church she knew that was exactly where she needed to be. She is a sweet woman and has a strong desire to follow the Lord. I´m excited to keep working with her. 

I´m loving life here in Fogo!  Sister Léger introduced me to Fogo cheese and grapes.  I didn´t know how much I was missing out! 

Also, this week I´ll be receiving a new companion.  I will find out on Wednesday. I´ll update you all next week! 

Sister Frongner
Noite Familiar!

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