Monday, September 19, 2016

Fogo, Praia, Fogo (Fire, Beach, Fire)...

Sister Frongner with her "mini"comp Sister Leger on Fogo
Hey Family! 

This week we had TRANSFERS!   On Wednesday I received a call that I would be training Sister Calasan from Brazil!  So... they sent me to Praia for a couple days to learn how to be a trainer.  And how did I get  to Praia?  BOAT.  It was the longest 4 HOURS of my life.  You could say that we were all VERY seasick.  I won´t give details. Hahaha...   

Anyway,  I got to Praia on Wednesday and had the opportunity to teach some lessons there.  And Wednesday night guess who came to Cape Verde?! SISTER RENEER!  My companion from the MTC is back!  That was a very happy moment in my life. 

Luckily I got to return to Fogo on an airplane.  When I got to Fogo Sister Léger went back to Praia and I received another mini missionary, Sister deBrito. She is from Fogo.  She´s awesome!  She served a couple days with me until Sister Calasan arrived on Sunday afternoon. 

This week was probably one of the strangest weeks on the mission that I´ve ever had.  But it was good!  Lots of changes, lots of adventures, and lots of companions :)

Earlier in the week Sister Léger and I went to one of our investigators house and only her mom was home.  We asked her mom if we could share a message with her and she said, nope I´m Catholic.  I explained a little about our church and then she paused and said she would listen for 5 minutes.  And she reminded us more than a couple times that it was only 5 minutes. So we taught her about the restoration and 4 minutes into the lesson she said that we had one minute left.  I felt like she wasn´t open to what we were saying. But when we finished we invited her to pray and she did.  At the end of her prayer she sat there with her head down.  And when she finally looked up she had tears in her eyes.  She apologized for being rude when we first met her and asked if we could come back.  

This experience reminded me of how important the spirit is and that truly God hears our prayers. 

I´m loving the mission!  But it is passing too fast.  Sometimes I wish I could slow the clock down. 

Love you all, hope you all have a great week!

Sister Frongenr 

Guessing pictures taken on her 4 hour boat ride to Praia

Fruits of Fogo

Sister Leger and Sister Frongner cake decorating...

Island of Fogo...

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