Monday, January 30, 2017

Another Fantastic Week in Sal...

Hey Family!

What a week!  This week actually got pretty cold! Obviously not as cold as the blizzardy Utah snow, but chilly enough that we wished we had some better jackets. 

We have been teaching the amazing family of Mizi and Nicola for the past week and a half.  They have 3 little children that are all so cute. This family is amazing, in less than a week Mizi had already read past 1 Nephi and as of yesterday they are now  preparing to get married!  It was the sweetest site as we walked in and saw Mizi and her kids waiting patiently a half hour early waiting for it to start.  And Nicola showed up at night church because he had work earlier.  They are an amazing faithfilled couple and we´re so grateful to have the chance to know them! I´ll send pictures of them with us next week. 

This week we saw a man on a bicycle with a monkey.  So that was an exciting moment in my life. 

Our water problems getting better sort of!  We´ve been out of water for the past couple days, but we had a water truck come and fill up our tank... We´re just waiting for the water to come through our pipes....  Haha always a fun situation with water on the island of Sal. 

Time is flying, like always!  I love the people here, they make me a better person.  I have learned so much about my Savior and His Atonement and how through Him we can truly find a peace and solice in the hardest of circumstances.  We can find a strength when we feel like we can´t go on.  We can receive His grace to become a better person, someone that we couldn´t become without Him.  I love my Savior, I know He lives.  He loves. Trust in His healing and enabling power! 

Thank you for everything!

Sister Frongner

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