Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Praia, Meetings, and Trainings...

Hey family! 

This week was a little crazy and unusual.  Not that there is a normal week here in Cabo Verde.  But I did start the week off in Praia for Mission Leadership Council.  I got to say goodbye to Sister Tualufo who will be headed home in a couple weeks!  It´s crazy, I feel like it was just yesterday we were comps and she was hitting her 9 month mark.  She´s awesome!

After leadership council I came back and we had our zone meeting that I got to give a training at, and then a few days after that we had zone conference and surprise!  I got to give another training there too.  So that´s really been my week.  Full of meetings and trainings. I still can´t say I love talking in front of people, but it´s good to get me out of my comfort zone. 

Mizi and Nicola are doing great!  They are preparing for marriage still.  I´ll update you more on that next week. But Mizi had her birthday yesterday and we made her a cake and had a little family night with her family.  

I don´t think I have ever mentioned our amazing member Joana.  She is a recent convert of a couple months and she is the most amazing missionary ever!  When she walks with us she stops people in the street to tell them about the gospel and invite them to church.  One time she even stopped a car!  She´s got the fire of the gospel.  We love her to peices.  She can´t read but she is a woman of so much faith.  She is definitely an inspiration to everyone around her. 

We found a new investigator this week, Maiuca.  Sister Sorensen invited him to be baptized and before she even got half way through her sentence he just said ABSOLUTELY, that is exactly what I want.  Haha we´re pretty excited for him and he´s excited too.  What´s amazing is that only a couple months ago he had talked to the sisters and the sisters said that he didn´t have any desire, but look at what a couple months do!  God´s timing is amazing.  

Folks, the church is true!  Christ is our Savior.  And it is only through His grace and merits that we can return to live with our loving Heavenly Father.  We are here to prepare, to become better each day, and it is our Savior that can lift us up and help us truly become the people that we can become as we put our faith and trust in Him. 

I´m so grateful for the mission and everything it has helped me become.  I have learned so much in the 13 months I´ve been out. I love these people.  I love this place.  And I love this work.  This is the Lord´s work and his guiding hand is leading us to those that he has prepared each day.  

Thank you all for your support!  I hope you have an amazing week. 

Much love,
Sister Frongner

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