Monday, January 9, 2017

Hard work and Miracles...

Sister Frongner and Sister Peterson from the island of Sal
Hey family!

This week was great!  We had a couple long days that just seemed like we were working on not seeing results, but the last couple days of the week we just saw so many little miracles!  It made me realize how much every little thing we do matters.

So much has happened this week so I will just put a little list and summary of events:

Praia MLC:  On Monday I went to Praia for Mission Leadership Council.  It was great to see every one and learn so many things on how I can improve.  I flew back on Tuesday night and I gave a zone training on Wednesday morning.

Trio:  This week we have been in a trio with Sister Alfaia!  Her companion was in Praia for the week so we had an extra comp for the week so that was fun.  She´s from Brazil and she´s so sweet!

Recent Converts, Priesthood, and callings: David received the melquesidik priesthood & was called as Secretary of the Branch.  And Pão received the Aaronic priesthood this week!

FHE at Fóca´s: We packed about 21 people into Fóca´s little house and had a great family night by candle light.  We talked about how we can´t wash our clothes without soap and how we can´t repent and be cleansed of our sins without Christ. The spirit there was so strong and everyone had such a great time. Sister Peterson and I couldn´t stop smiling afterwards.
District Activity: We went to some gardens today for district activity and it was like a garden/zoo.  Except the zoo animals consisted of guinea pigs, bunnies, goats, donkey, sheep, and birds.  Haha but it was so beautiful!  We saw lots of cool tropical trees and we got to hangout on the GRASS.  I haven´t seen grass in soooo long. I´ll send some fun pics!  

This work is amazing!  I have been reflecting a lot this week on this past year now that I have done a year on the mission (crazy!) and thinking about everything I have learned.  I´m so grateful for the time I have had here.  It is just passing too fast. I often wish I could just slow down the time. I feel like it will be gone so fast. 

 The plan that God has for us is perfect!   Each of us has great purpose and great worth.  We are literally children of God! We can open the heavens and talk to Him through prayer. We are to become as He is.  Live up to you were foreordained to become. Christ is our Savior.  He lives. He knows us.  And he loves each and everyone of us. 

Have a great week!
Sister Frongner

District activity at the zoo...notice the GRASS...had not seen it for LONG time

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