Monday, January 16, 2017

Water, Hospital, and Miracles...

This is Alto Santa Cruz- "I LOVE THIS PLACE!" from Sister Frongner
Hey family!

Well this week has just been a little crazy.  For starters WE GOT WATER!  We had a water truck come and fill up the tank on top of our house. So that is a blessing. 

Half way through the week I got a little sick and had to go to the doctors...  And what did they give me?   They prescribed me ibuprofen and vitamin C. Let´s just say I had to go back because that didn´t fix anything.  Hospitals here.... They´re an adventure!

So I haven´t had much of a voice this week and guess who called me on Saturay night? Our branch president asking me to give a talk in sacrament meeting! Woot.  Hahaha I got my voice to squeak out enough for everyone to get the idea that I was giving a talk on obedience. 

Anywho, for the exciting stuff!  Fóca stopped smoking so he´ll be baptized here soon!   We´ve seen so many miracles.  The memebers here are amazing!  They have such strong and pure testimonies. 

I´m so grateful to be here!  Even when I´m sick I just love this place to peices.   Time is just passing too darn fast!  Transfers are this week, but I´m pretty sure I´ll stay here  with Sister Peterson.   At least that´s what I want.  But I´ll let you know what happens next week.

Stay healthy friends!  

Sister Frongner
Water truck arrived this week to deliver water to the tank on the Sisters roof, after going 6 WEEKS without water

Water was finally delivered AFTER 6 weeks without!!! Miracles "We now have a little, but GLORIOUS, trickle of water!"

Sister Peterson BIG SMILES as they get water after going without for 6 weeks in their little apartment on Sal

Beloved WATER TRUCK came to fill tank on roof of their little apartment this week
Alto Santa Cruz- on island of Sal

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