Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Short and sweet...

Hey family!

Sorry this email will be a super fast one. 

This week was great!  I got to go on divisions with Sister Stonely.  Which was cool because I got to go on divisions with her in Fogo and then here in Sal! We also have had a little bit of rain everyday so that has been nice! But it´s also been pretty cold. 

Mizi and Nicola are preparing for their wedding and baptism that will happen this weekend! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!  I will take lots of pictures and will write a ton more next week to fill you all in how everything went!!!

This week didn´t go how we wished it would, but something that I´ve learned is that that´s just kind of how life is going to go. But what´s great is we can get up brush our selves off and keep going... with a great big SMILE on our faces.  Because we have the happiest message in the whole world!  God lives, he loves us, and he has an incredible plan of happiness for each and everyone of us. 

The Lord has so many people prepared and so many miracles waiting.  And not just here in Cape Verde, but everywhere! Put your trust in the Lord and you will see His hand and miracles in your life too. 

I hope you all have an amazing week!!

Com MUITO amor,

Sister Frongner

Birthday wishes to my MOM from Pao's house on Sal

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