Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The clinic, Fire, and Prayers answered...

Hey Family!

WOW!  What a week.  Maybe the subject of this email sounds like lots of crazy stuff happened, and well I guess you could say it was a bit of a crazy week!  Haha, but everyone is good and God ever so there in every moment of our life.
This week we didn´t get a lot of time to work in our area.  Sister Pires got some pretty bad parasites so we spent quite a bit of time going to the clinic for tests, more tests, and more tests. Then to the pharmacy etc. But in all that rush back and forth I ran into my recent convert from São Vicente!  Rayssa was baptized a couple weeks after I left to go to Fogo with her mom Erica and I haven´t seen them for a year.  But now Rayssa is living with her dad her in Praia.  I saw her at the clinic and she said that she still goes to church.  If I remember right she´s 11 years old and she told me that she still goes to church every week. Alone! What a strong testimony she has. Tender mercy of the Lord that I got to see her again.
Saturday afternoon we went to the church with Isaias so he could meet up with the Bishop to be interviewed to receive the priesthood.  When we got there the church smelled strong with smoke. We asked someone what happened and they said that someone tried to start a fire in the library.  We went and looked and almost all the books in the library were burned.  But luckily someone had been at the church doing family history and smelled the smoke and put out the fire.  So the library was full of black water, burnt and soggy books and paper. We got to help clean up while we waited for Bishop to show up. It´s a miracle that someoned smelled the smoke before anything worse happened.
Toty and Filomena will get married on Friday!! Woot woot! It´s been amazing to see God putting everything in line.  Filomena was a little stressed out because they couldn´t find a wedding dress, and just today a wedding dress showed up that someone brought back from America.  Little miracles along the way in this whole thing.  It´s incredible! 

This week was amazing. It wasn´t exactly what I hoped for, but I learned a lot and I received answers to my prayers that I wasn´t expecting to recieve. God is real.  He is there, and I know with all my heart that he hears each and one of our prayers and the silent pleas of our hearts.  He knows us.  We are literally His children.   Never doubt that! 
I love you all!  I hope you all have an amazing week.
Sister Frongner
PS I left the card to my camera at home so I will send you all the pictures next week. 

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