Monday, February 22, 2016

Cockroaches, Bucket Showers, and Kisses

Hola amigos e familia!

I´m officially in Cape Verde!! These past few days have been crazy.  So many new things! We left the MTC on Wednesday morning around 11:30am and arrived in Cabo Verde at about 12:30am on Friday morning. It felt like we traveled for a week.  Hahaha anyway I don´t think I´ve ever been more excited for anything in my life than the moment that we started our descent and I could see the little islands and then see the shapes of houses (it was dark so really I couldn´t see that much).  As we stepped off the plane it was crazy windy (it is always windy here), but the temperature was perfect!  And it still is.  It´s like a nice day in May when the sun is out.  

Anyway, President and Sister Matthews and 2 Elders picked us up from the airport and dropped me off at the sisters house.  They had a little bed made up for me on the floor.  I asked for a drink before I went to bed so we went into the kitchen....and low and behold... Cockroaches! Haha the sister seemed to have made pretty good friends with them, she had names for a couple... I´m glad she had such a good attitude about them, it was a little less freaky. 

The next morning I went to the mission home and recieved training, my companion, and area!  I´m serving on the island of São Vicente in Monte Sussego and my companion is Sister Haycock.  She is so sweet!  She´s from Colorado and this is her last transfer of her mission!

That afternoon we flew to São Vicente (about a 45 min flight). We got to our apartment (which is way nice by the way!) and the other sisters that live with us explained the water problem.  I don´t really know what exactly is wrong but I think they said they were without water for a couple weeks, but then the washer is broken along with the toilet and shower?  Haha so we bucket shower.   We will be hand washing our clothes until the washer is fixed.

As for the language.... I can pick up some words that my companion says, but all of the natives have thick accents, a lot of creole mixed in, and their words are very slurred together. So every day is a new adventure!! I´ve just been taking in the sights and the warm friendly people. I still have yet to understand a full sentence they speak.  Oh yeah!  All of the women here greet eachother with a kiss on each cheek.  The first couple times I was totally taken off gaurd.  I think I´m getting a little more used to that.  

Ah this place is so amazing!!! I´m sorry I didn´t take very many pics this week, I will this next week.  The people are so loving!  All of the buildings here are brightly colored. I love it. It´s all a bit overwhelming, but it´s such a cool opportunity. I can´t wait to get more involved and understand the people better.  

Oh yeah did I mention my companion and I were helping open this area? Neither of us know anyone or the area.... so the first day we went around and talked to everyone like crazy!  God has definitely been walking with us and helping us find those who are ready to recieve our message.

Two quick little experiences that we had yesterday...  We taught a woman named Suzanna.  When we started the lesson all of her children were doing their own thing (homework, playing on their phone, running around, playing soccer) , but by the end everyone had gathered around us very intently.  The spirit could definitley be felt.  

The second was our last lesson of the night.  We were knocking doors trying to contact some of the references we had recieved and we knocked on this woman´s door.  We introduced ourselves and asked if we could share a message about God and his plan for her.  She laughed at us, but let us in.  She said we had to be really quick.  As we started she continued to laugh to herself about what we were saying. But by the end of the lesson she was holding back tears.  The spirit was felt so strong. 

There is no way I could do this without God helping me every step of the way.  I have never felt so much love from God, from these people, and for these people.  God is real.  We are his children and he loves us individually so much!  He wants us to turn to Him and communicate with Him.  He wants to help us in our lives.

Thank you for everything!  I can´t believe I´m actually here! LOTS OF LOVE!!! 

Sister Frongner 

picture of one of the streets in our area

This is view out my kitchen window

More views out my kitchen window

Another view out my kitchen window

view again out kitchen window

Street view near me- of what would be downtown, rest streets dirt or cobblestone

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