Monday, February 29, 2016

Bush Man...

 Hola Fam! 

I hope everyone is doing well on the home front!! This week was awesome.  I'm starting to actually understand the topic of different conversations and I've started getting to know the people.  I love it here.

So I'd like to start off with a story that happened on Saturday.  We were out contacting some references we were given that afternoon. We knocked on the door of one of the houses and no one ever came to the door.  We were just about to leave when all of the sudden the bushes started rustling and out of this hole under the bushes this old man crawls out.  He was wearing the most crooked glasses I've ever seen and was holding a worn and dirty book.  It soon became apparent that he lived in the hole and spent most of his time in that hole reading.  

We asked him his name and how his day was and then invited him to come to church on Sunday.  He then went and crawled back into his hole, grabbed some books, and came back.  He had a tattered church magazine and a True to the Faith book! No joke! Haha we invited him to church again and he said that he had an appointment at the barber shop at that time. We talked to him about the Sabbath and then we went on our way. I never really thought much more about this man....

Until yesterday.  Haha we were on our way to church, stopping by our different investigators houses to invite them to church.  And guess who was walking down the road on their way to church?!  This little old man from the hole under the bush.  We're going to start teaching him now.

I picked up a bit of a cough here, so I went to the doctor's this week to see what we could do to get things cleared up.  Haha things are so different here.  He gave me 4 different medicines and one of them he put loose pills in a little taped up white envelope and then wrote the name on the outside.....  We called the mission presidents wife before I took it to make sure it was ok...  And so far I'm getting better!  Haha but that was an interesting experience.

We also found lizard in our apartment yesterday so that was fun. 

Anywho, the rest of this past week has been awesome.  My perspective of everything is growing immensely.  I'm now starting to see past the surface level of the bright colored houses and the big smiles on everyone's faces. As we've taught people and got to know them I see how hard life is. Seeing this has enlightened me to see how important and what role the Gospel of Jesus Christ plays in our lives.  

We've taught so many people that have never prayed before.  They don't know that they have a father in heaven who cares deeply about them.  They don't know that there is hope and a plan and purpose for their life and their family. 

I'm so grateful for this opportunity to share the hope that the gospel brings.  I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life. It brings a light into our life that nothing else in the world can.  
I love you all so much!!! Thank you for your support.  

Com Amor,

Sister Frongner
The four sisters... in Mikaela's apartment, her companion on far left
Missionaries of Sao Vicente

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