Monday, March 7, 2016

We flooded our apartment....

Hey friends and family!!

Life here is great! I'm starting to get used to life on a mission.  We finally got a washing machine and installed it ourselves!! And then our apartment flooded.  So we are obviously really good at installing washing machines.  Haha there were some bolts that we didn't take off the back so when the machine would run it would literally move around our kitchen bouncing and making the most reckless noises.  Haha but we finally got that fixed.  

Sister Mikaela Frongner and her companion Sister Haycock (from Colorado)
Also the man from the bush is getting baptized!! We started teaching him this week.  His name is Andre.  He came to church yesterday with a new set of clothes, he was showered and he had a new pair of glasses.  He is awesome.  I'm so excited for him.  

We were walking down the street this week when a man came running up to us yelling, "Sisters! Is it true?! Is it true?!  Joseph Smith saw Jesus?!"  We told him it was true and I pulled out one of our pass along cards with a picture of the first vision.  As soon as I pulled it out he jumped back in fright.  He continued yelling, I'm not sure exactly what he said after that. But during this another man runs up to us with a big platter of fish.  He starts yelling something that I don't understand and waving the plate of fish in front of our faces all the while the other man is trying to ask us if it was true.  That was a fun experience. 

I love it here!  The people are awesome.  Everyone sells these little coconut doughnuts that are soo good.  Also everyone's role model here is Bob Marley.  Haha everyone dresses like him and they have bob marley stuff everywhere.  Also Bob Marley music is usually always on, which is cool pretty awesome.  Also soccer is everyone's favorite sport!  Cabo Verde and I are getting a long pretty well to say the least. 

I'm so grateful for this experience!  It's hard but it's awesome.  I love seeing the light that is brought into people's life with the gospel. 

Lots of love,

Sister Frongner

the beach in Sao Vicente

Beautiful here!!!

one of the families they are teaching
 the colorful houses...

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  1. Your washing machine problem - I had the same issue too so I have now learnt to get someone else to do those jobs for me. All things plumbing and all things electrical I now leave to the professionals. I really love following your blog and I think what you do is amazing! I wonder how life is different there from where you grew up?