Monday, March 14, 2016

Hard Week...(I am being stretched)

View of city Sao Vicente
Hello everyone!

This week was hard, but amazing.  I don't understand how it keeps getting harder but my love for this work and these people continues to grow.  When people initially told me that a mission was the hardest thing I'll have ever done, I can't say I totally believed them.  But now I do.  Haha this is hard work.  

Our investigator Andre, the man who lives in the bush, is getting baptized this Saturday! I'm so excited for him!  

We also have another investigator named Aneida that has the goal to be baptized the following Saturday.  She is the sweetest woman.  Her little boy stood there and peed on the floor right next to me in one of our lessons this week. Hahaha, they're a fun family.

I love getting to the know the people here.  They're so fun.  Most of our lessons are us sitting on the floor with our investigators and then a plentitude of interested children gathered around.  We met a lady named Nanda this week. At the end of the lesson she picked each of us up twirled us around and then sent us on our way.  Every time we see her in the street she always yells AMIGAS!  Hahaha, but this is just one example of the sweet love and excitement that comes from the people.

The women here are so strong, they're always carrying heavy buckets on their heads along with heavy bags in their hands and we live on a mini mountain (hence the name MONTE sossego) So they're always hiking.  

My theme scripture this week has been Mosiah 7:33.  I love this scripture.  As we turn to the Lord and trust him he will deliver us out of bondage.  No matter what your specific "bondage" or trial is he will deliver you.  But we must put our trust in Him.  I have felt his grace carry me through many times over this past week, the past couple months, and my life.  

I love my mission and I love the people!  Thank you for all of your love and support.  

Much love,
Sister Frongner
My companion and I hiked up to top of castle- following pics are Beautiful views from there

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