Monday, February 8, 2016

Another Week at the CTM...(did not get an explanation as meaning of CTM?)

The 'SISTERS' in my district

Hola friends and family! 

This has been a crazy week! The good kind of crazy I guess.  Portuguese is coming a long pretty well.  Definitely not as fast as I'd like, but I can't expect to be fluent in the snap of a finger.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie in Portuguese last night!  I understood about everything they said relating to the gospel, but as soon as they weren't having a gospel conversation I had no idea what they said.  Haha so I guess you could say I'm becoming fluent in the language of Gospel Portuguese. I'll just have to learn everything else by experience when I get to Cape Verde.   Which is coming SO soon!!! I leave next Wednesday!! 

I went out into the real world this week!  Sister Reneer and I got to take a shuttle to the hospital this week.  We drove down the same road I always went on from BYU last semester...  Talk about a flash flood of memories.  It was a little weird to be in the real world considering I've been in the world of the MTC for a month.  Haha it was fun to talk to people there, I met a couple people that had gotten back from their missions in the past year, and we met someone who was from Brazil so we got to talk to her in Portuguese!  Sister Reneer's concussion is gone!  But she still has to be cleared to go out because she messed up the muscles in her neck when she got the concussion.  Please send lots of prayers her way!

Earlier this week we got to give a lesson over Skype with a girl in Cape Verde!  It was awesome, I couldn't believe how much I understood.  I still didn't understand quite a bit, but it was so cool to have a conversation in another language from someone in Cape Verde! 

Cool thing about the name of Cape Verde is that "verde" is green in Portuguese and green is my favorite color!  So that's exciting.

Our zone now has more sisters than elders now so yesterday I was made the Sister Training Leader of my District! 

Nothing else too crazy happened this week. I'm learning lots and loving it here! Thank you a million for all of your support! I can't thank you enough!  

Com Amor, 
Sister Frongner

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