Monday, March 28, 2016


WOAH!  I woke up this morning knowing that Sister Haycock would be headed off to America, but then I found out that the two sisters in my house are also leaving! I am the only one staying AND I will not only keep the area Iºve been working in, but I gained the other sisters area too! I have a new companion named Sister Dorgan!  She will arrive tonight. I have heard she is awesome!! Anywho, we have a GIANT area now.  Haha so wish us luck as we take on these two areas!!!

This week has been incredible!! Andre was baptized on Saturday!  What a neat experience! The spirit was so strong.  I am so excited for him.

Andre -"the man in the bush..." see title of prior posts to read his story.
First baptism for Sister Frongner
It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Haycock.  She taught me so much!!  One thing that I learned from her was to truly hand over all of my burdens to the Savior.  Put all my trust in him.  Because without Him and his strength and guidance I truly couldnºt take on this mission and this area.  But with Him all things are possible.  He wants us to turn to Him, He wants to help us.

Elder?, Andre, Sister Haycock and Sister Frongner
I felt the strength of the Savior carry me through this week.  We had one lesson that I wanted to tell you guys about.  We were teaching a young man and he asked why God letºs so many bad things happen.  He then proceeded to name off all of these terrible things that happen in Africa.  As he spoke my heart broke, he was listing off some of the worst things I have ever heard happen to a human.  I didnºt know how to respond.  I opened my mouth and truly the spirit carried me through as I tried to help him see the love God has and the incredible plan that he has for our lives.  I think I learned more than he did.  I am so humbled by the goodness of God and the sacrafice of our Savior.

Also this week we were teaching a lesson to a less active member who speaks some english (our lesson was in Portuguese) but at the end he asked me to pray in English to see if he could understand. I CANºT PRAY IN ENGLISH.  Iºve never said so many prayers in my life than on my mission.... But everyone of these prayers have been in Portuguese.  Haha everytime I would try to say something it would come out in Portuguese, and then Iºd stop and try to say it in English.  It was the most staggered prayer Iºve ever given.  I guess I do speak Portuguese.

I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH BIG BUGS AS I HAVE THIS WEEK.  The first one was when we were walking at night.  Sister Haycock screamed and I looked over and 6 inch long centipede was right there! Then we were teaching another lesson and I thought I saw a mouse out of the corner of my eye and it was a cockroach!!! I donºt like bugs.  But Iºm going to have to get over it, because apparently thereºs the least amount of bugs here than the other places the sisters have been.

I know that my Savior lives.  Turn to him.  Hand over your burdens.  He will lift you and give you more strength than you can imagine.  But he can only help you as much as you let Him.  He knows you, loves you, and He is waiting to help you.

This week has been incredible.  So many changes ahead!

Lots of love,

Sister Frongner
Last picture of their district before transfers!

Sister Frongner (Mikaela), favorite member in their area (whom teaches with them all the time), and Sister Haycock

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