Monday, April 4, 2016

Did I mention I LOVE my mission?!


Annndddd it's P-Day again!  Haha this week has been AWESOME.  My new companion is hilarious, I love her. She's definitely helped me not be stressed out about taking on a new area.  Just trust in the Lord and "every little thing is gonna be alright."  
Mikaela and her companion Sister Dorgan
How did everyone like conference?!  Send me your favorite talks or quotes! I listened to it all in fast Brazilian Portuguese..... Haha I could usually understand the topic of the talk.  And if I concentrated really hard I could figure out a couple of sentences.... Let's just say I'm excited to read them in English!! But it was awesome to invite our investigators and have them listen for the first time to the prophet and apostles. 

We spent a lot of time walking around this week trying to find all of the investigators in the new area so we didn't have as many lessons. But we've met a lot of amazing people! God truly prepares a way to do His work. This week with combining two areas we had to drop some investigators because now we have twice as many people and we still have a normal 24 hour day.  But it became apparent that there were people out there that have been prepared and it is our job to find and teach them. 

This week I learned that it is only through our Savior that we can truly become the best person we can be.  He is the Refiner. (If you get the chance look up Refiner in the Bible Dictionary)  As we turn to Him and put our trust in Him he will truly refine us, mold us and form us.  And he will do this to the degree that we have faith in Him and repent.  He suffered for each of us so that we can have salvation. So that we can change and become better people.  I'm so grateful for His sacrafice, love, and grace.  

Also on a lighter note.  The phrase, "don't let the bed bugs bite" actually means something here!  Haha so next time you say that... be grateful that there's not bugs in your bed.  Hahaha but really this place is amazing! Besides the bugs. I still don't love the bugs.  I love this place more and more every day.  The people are truly amazing.  They have such strong spirits and love! I'm so grateful to be here!  

Sister Frongner

pictures form the new area in Sao Vicente

Mikaela and the other 3 Sisters she is living with on island of  Sao Vicente, Mindelo

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