Monday, April 25, 2016

A baptism, a sprained ankle, and lots of Sunshine...

Hola fam! 

This week was amazing!!  I sprained my ankle, but besides that it was full of miracles, smiles, and a baptism!  Kevin was baptized this week!!! He had the biggest smile on his face. The spirit was so strong.  He couldn´t stop talking about how he felt afterwards. I´m so happy for him! 

So there´s a member that is always asking about my freckles, at first he thought they were an allergy but now he just calls them stars. He´s always telling me to put some creme on my stars. Hahaha and apparently I´m getting so tan (or getting so many freckles) that I look black!   Every day we walk down this street and there´s these men that yell, "dois pretos!" or translated "two blacks!"  We usually yell back and call them white.  Hahaha. It´s a nice thought, but I´m still really white.

I learned how to wash clothes on a wash board!  I think I would be so much more buff if I had to wash all my clothes on a washboard.  But... I´m so glad that we have washing machines. 

This week I´ve learned the power of prayer.  God hears our prayers!

Eu sei que Deus é nosso amoroso Pai Celestial.  Nos somos filhos dele.  Ele quer que nos sejamos feliz e temos paz.  Ele tem um plano por nossos vidas então nos possamos ter esta felicidade. Nos precisamos colocar nosso confiança nele e constantemente procurar por direcção dele.  Se nos fazemos isso Deus vai guiar nos e ajuda nos. Realmente Deus tem muito amor por cada um de nos e ele tem um plano por cada um de nossas vidas.  Ele vai sempre guiar nos certo. Eu estou tão grato que eu posso orar a minha Pai Celestial e receber a direcção dele em minha vida. 

Tenha um bom dia!  Muito Amor!!

Kevin from Sister Frongner and Sister Dorgan recent baptism
Kevin- baptism day with Sister Frongner and Sister Dorgan
Sister Frongner
P-Day with the 2 Elders and Sisters on Mindelo
Learning how to use a wash board...

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