Monday, May 16, 2016

Change, Growth, & LOTS of Portuguese!

Hey fam!

Sometimes on the mission you just want to jump into bed..... or your grave.  It all depends on how well you know Portuguese.  Hahaha so I accidently told my comp that I wanted to jump into my grave.  I didn´t realize those two words are so similar ( cama vs. campa).

 This week was.... a big change for me! I went from only speaking Portuguese in lessons to speaking Portuguese 24/7.  There´s now 4 Sisters in the house.  One from Portugal, one from Brazil, one from Mozambique, and one from America (me).   It´s been a week of a lot of growth spiritually and with the language.  I´ve had to learn to have a lot of patience with myself and with other people. 

But one thing that I´ve realized with all this change is that God doesn´t change, and that´s the most comforting thing to me. Heavenly Father is always there to listen and his love is unchanging.

It´s a short email this week. Love you all so much!! 

Thanks a million for the support! 

Sister Frongner

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