Monday, May 9, 2016

Transfers Already?!

Oi friends and family!  Tudo kool?!

Well today is transfer day!  I´m sad to lose Sister Dorgan (she´s heading back to America this week... CRAZY), but I´ll be receiving a new comp Sister Tualufo from Mozambique!  I haven´t met her yet, but I should be getting her sometime in the next day or two.  I have no choice but to get really good at Portuguese this transfer, so wish me luck!  Also our area got split back to how it was at the beginning, so I´m losing half of my area.  It´s nice that I don´t have so much area to work, but at the same time I´m sad to stop working with the investigators on the other side. 

So fun fact of the day, when people have birthdays here they crack an egg on the birthday persons head and then throw flour on them.  Haha instead of throwing cake in the face, it´s just like the ingredients of the cake on the head.  Luckily no one did that to me on my birthday.  

Also so many people here associate the church with the Elders that we´ll go up and talk to someone and they´ll ask if we´re from the church of elder.  Haha also everyone calls us Elders.... But no... we´re sisters ;)

Mikaela with companion Sister Dorgan
We had one lesson this week that really made me realize how important it is to follow the spirit.  We started the lessons with this woman Claudia and about 5 minutes in she left the room.  Sister Dorgan leaned over and said that Claudia had no interest in talking to us.  She came back into the room and we started talking about the Savior and the importance of families, and literally everything changed!!! She went from telling us that she had no time to read the Book of Mormon because she had work, to telling us the truth that she was out of work and that she actually would definitely spend her time reading the Book of Mormon and she even gave Sister Dorgan a picture of herself and her daughter and then asked for a picture from us so that she could always remember us.  

I am so grateful to be serving here and helping others come unto Christ.  Jesus Christ suffered for each and everyone of our difficulties, pains, and hardships, all so that we have opportunity to change our lives and become better people.  And it´s when we do this and follow Him and have faith in Him that we can receive strength and comfort to keep going, to keep changing, and bettering our selves every day.  
Missionaries on Sao Vicente, Mindelo 

ALSO, shout out to my amazing mom!  She has impacted my life more than anyone else.  Thank you for your incredible example of love, faith, and courage. Happy Mothers Day Mom!! 

Much love to everyone!  Thanks for the support! 

Sister Frongner

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