Monday, July 25, 2016

Baptism, Popcorn, and Rain...

Wow!! What an eventful and awesome week!  Here´s a little summary of random events that happened this week. 

The Drunk Man- One lesson this week a drunk man entered the house we were teaching our investigator and he wouldn´t leave, so we ended up leaving.  But as we left the house he started following us and when he stepped out the door he missed the step and fell on his back. 

RAIN...IT RAINED!  It was the best day ever!  I forgot how much I LOVE the smell of rain.  It only rained a little in the morning.  So I´ll cross my fingers for some more rain this week. 

The Holy Popcorn Skirt... We were making popcorn at mutual night and I decided to use the edge of my skirt to take the pan off the burner... which wasn´t the smartest idea because the other part of my skirt fell on the burner... and well as you already know from the first couple words.. I´ve got a holy skirt!  Funny thing is we used one of our plates to scratch my left over skirt off the burner and the next day, after we washed dishes, I still found part of my skirt left over on the plate.
Wailing... On a sadder note, when someone dies here everyone wails.  And someone up the road from us had died that night, and all we heard all night was people crying, sobbing, yelling, wailing.... And they are not quiet about it either.  Usually a big group of people will form outside of the house to join in. 

BAPTISMS! Two of our investigators were baptized this week!!! It was the best day ever!  It´s amazing how people can truly change there lives.  I remember the first day I met these people and  I´ve seen their lives blessed in every way as they´ve chosen to follow Jesus Christ.  They are so happy!

This is the Lord´s work and I´m so happy to have this chance to be a part of it!! I have watched people´s lives change before my eyes as they begin to trust in the Lord.  

There was one man that had been a member of the church but fell away because he became offended at something that had happened at church. He hardened his heart and left the church and ended up getting into a lot of drugs.  But the missionaries got in contact with him and invited him to read the Book of Mormon.  He said he started to read a little in the Book of Mormon every day and his desire to do bad left and he began to have only the desire to do good.  

The Book of Mormon is powerful! Truly as we come unto Christ our lives can and will change for the better.  This man is now one of the strongest members and one of the greatest helps to the missionaries! He turned is life completely around. Moroni 10:32

Christ lives! We can find a peace in our lives as we trust in Him! John 14:27

Com muito amor,
Sister Frongner
Visited some art on P-day last week

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