Monday, August 1, 2016


It´s transfer day!  

And nothing changed!  Haha I will be with Sister Larsen for another 3 weeks and then she´ll be off to America and I´ll be receiving a new comp.  

This week was great!  It really just flew by.  

I´m learning how the spirit works, it doesn´t matter how educated or not or what language you speak it can be felt by every willing soul.  We have an investigator that is my age, but she doesn´t understand hardly a lick of Portuguese!  She speaks only Kreole.  It has made teaching a little difficult, because we only teach in Portuguese.  But the other day she told us that she feels that the church is true.  We invited her to a baptism and she got all dressed up in her best clothes and came down to the church.  And WOW!  The spirit was so strong. 

I love the mission more and more every day.  I know I´ve got a while until the day I come home, but I already know that´s going to be a hard day.   I´m so grateful to have the opportunity to work among these amazing people!  

Much love, 

Sister Frongner
Children on Fogo

Sister Larsen (left) and Sister Frongner (right)

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