Monday, July 4, 2016

Instruments in the Hands of God

Hey everyone!

This week was great! And HOT. Literally I've never been so hot in my life. 

Anyway, I have one story I'd like to share this week... 

We have an investigator that is really shy and was really nervous about coming to church.  Infact for a long time he just made up excuse after excuse.  But this past week his sister was with us during a lesson and she said that he wouldn't go to church because he doesn't have clothes to wear to church.  

After talking with the ward mission leader we ended up with a bag of church clothes to give our investigator.  I've never seen someone so humble and full of gratitude in that moment we handed him those church clothes!  He got choked up and told us thank you over and over again. 

Later that week he said he wouldn't go to church because he didn't have shoes to wear.  We happened to be teaching with one of the members in the ward and he told our investigator that he would wear flipflops with him to church.  

So Sunday morning comes and that member and investigator walked into church with their flipflops.  After church we visited our investigator and he sat there for a solid 20 minutes telling us about how great he felt when he walked into church.  He said he had never felt so much peace in his life. He then started listing all of the people in his life that we wanted to share the gospel with.  It was amazing! 

I'm so grateful to be here and work with these people. To work with our investigators and members alike, I learn so much from their example!  

One scripture that I have thought about a lot this week is Alma 17:9.  Truly we can be instruments in the hands of God to bring our brothers and sisters to this joy and peace!  I hope each of us can think of how we can better be instruments in the hands of God to serve and help others in this journey of life. 

Much love,

Sister Frongner
Pics from the island Fogo

Cows wandering the streets in Fogo

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