Monday, October 17, 2016

Family Night, New Places...

Sisters on Fogo...Sister Bybee, Sister..., Sister Frongner, Sister Leger

Sorry I forgot to write last week.  I don´t how I can forget something like that.  But... I did.  Hahaha, anywho, the past two weeks have been great! I had the opportunity to go to another part of Fogo for divisions and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!  Right now I´m serving in São Filipe which is the city, but I went to Cova Figueira, which is more small town, and it was SO green and SO beautiful.  It was great. Hopefully my pictures will download this week so you can see.  

Anywho this past week we planned a family night with the whole ward and it was so fun!  We had a good turn out.  Our ward mission leader shared a story about a man that was sitting on a fence.  On one side there was God and Jesus Christ and a bunch of other people yelling at him to come to them.  And on the other side was Satan and his followers but they were just sitting there.  The man asked Satan and his followers why they didn´t yell for him.  Satan said, because the fence is mine.  It was a story to explain that if we are sitting and doing nothing, we are serving Satan. Every day we need to make the active choice to follow Christ. One of my favorite quotes is, Today is the first day of your eternity.  Make the best choice!

I love the mission. I´ve learned so much and I can feel the hand of the Lord guiding me and my companion to the people who need us.  Christ lives, it is only through Him and his grace that we can truly become the people that God has prepared for us to become.
Thank you for the love and support!  Have a great week! 

Sister Frongner 
2 Nephi 10:23-25
Our missionaries on FOGO

members on Fogo

Sister Leger and Sister Frongner while on Fogo

Nothing better than BIG huge smiles...all the time!

Sister Frongner and possible mini or current companion on Fogo

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