Monday, October 24, 2016

Sweat, Tears, and Miracles...

Hey family!

 Besides the fact that it was EXCEEDINGLY hot (thus the sweat)... The week went pretty well. It ended a little rough (thus the tears).   But at the end of it all we can look back and say that we saw the hand of the Lord in the work (thus the miracles). 

 We have one investigator named Sue who is really turning her life around.  This past week we almost dropped her due to the fact that she wasn´t progressing.  But we brought a member to her house who pretty much sat down and listed all of the things that Sue shouldn´t do or should do (don´t drink alcohol, pay your tithing, get married), and then after listing off everything she bore the strongest and most powerful testimony of all the blessings that she knew Sue would receive. 

And at that moment everything turned around.  Sue started reading the Book of Mormon everyday.  And she not only just came to church but she brought her children too. We passed by later that night and all of the children just talked, talked, talked about church and singing and what they learned about Jesus. 

 There ´s light in their house that wasn´t there before.  I love the gospel!  I can see it changing these peoples lives, and every day it changes mine for the better.

It´s moments like this when we see peoples lives truly changing for the better, when we see the light in their eyes and the happiness in their step that I remember exactly WHY I´m here.  

I´m here because my older brother, my Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered everything for you and me. So that we can change. So that we can find lasting peace and joy in this life and the next.  

Christ lives.  He is real.  The power of His atonement is accessible to all those who will turn to Him. Let Him in. Your life will only change for the better.

Thank you for your support and love! 

Hope you all have the best of weeks!

Sister Frongner
Sister Calasan, Sister McCall, Sister Bybee, Sister Frongner (4 Sisters on FOGO)

Sister Frongner with her companion on Fogo...tomorrow is transfers...


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