Monday, October 31, 2016

TRANSFERS & a GIANT fish head...

Ze- 2nd Counselor in our bishopric- recent convert, he is holding a fish head
Hey family!

So.... TRANSFER NEWS.... I´m still in FOGO!  Hahaha nothing changed.  Woot!  Except now I´m Sister Training Leader on the Fogo island.  And we recieved another pair of sisters!  Now Fogo has 6 sisters instead of 4. 

Anywho,  this week had it´s ups and downs.  It was a little crazy with transfers because we had sisters coming and going.  But it was good.  We had a rough end to the week.   We had a couple days that seemed like we walked all over the whole planet and didn´t find anyone to teach.   There were points I was just ready to lay down on the ground.  Haha, but the Lord kept me going.  Somhow my feet kept moving.  

Luckily... We had a really good end to our week!  We had a couple investigators at church and found some new people that have been prepared by the Lord.

Saturday night we had a family night with a member in the ward, and it was her moms birthday.  So we showed up with a surprise pudding cake (I´ll send pictures).  And when people have birthdays here the birthday person chooses someone to give the first slice of cake, and Maria chose me!  Haha she´s adorable.  I love her. 

Also, today I saw a GIANT FISH. I´ve always seen big chunks of fish that people are selling on the road, but I had never seen the head.  Or the body in one peice.  Haha so here´s a pic.

Well I hope you all have a great day!  And a great Halloweed!  Eat lots of chocolate for me and enjoy the carved pumkins and fall weather, because there´s none of that here.  

Lots of love from your Sister on the hot little island of FOGO. 
Maria on FOGO, chose Sister Mikaela Frongner to receive the first piece of cake

Sister Frongner with her 2nd counselor in the bishopric on FOGO

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