Monday, November 7, 2016

What a week...

Sister Calasan, Sue their investigator and kids with Sister Frongner 
Hey family!

What a week.... This week was a hard one.  But it was still full of tender mercies and good memories. 

We had a ward activity that ran into just a couple problems... to say the least.  It was supposed to be a ward movie night.  Let´s just say after all of the complications and lots of stress we had at least 60 people gathered around a little iPad to watch the Joseph Smith Movie.  Haha, I had to remember the talk given a couple years back called, "Come What May and Love it" and the first principle is learn to laugh.  So me and my companion just tried to laugh it off. Good thing is that everyone there got popcorn and soda so they still seemed pretty happy.  

We are still working with Sue and her family.  She´s amazing!  She has turned her life around and she always talks about how happy she is every day.  She says that it´s because she reads the Book of Mormon every day.  And it´s so true.  The moment she started reading every day it was like she received a big boost from the Lord and she started changing everything.  She´ll be baptized soon with her daughter!

We are also working with another woman, Dina.  She´s from Brava and she came here to Fogo a couple weeks ago.  We literally talked to her one time and she moved her work schedule around to come to church!  She said when she was in Brava the missionaries tried to talk to her but she avoided them.  Then she came to Fogo and we found her.  It´s amazing to see how the Lord has people prepared for us. 

The mission is going well.  I hit 10 months yesterday.  It just seems unreal.  The longest time I just looked forward to going on a mission and now I´m here and it´s more than half way gone.  I´m so grateful for this opportunity to be here! My companion is awesome, it´ll be hard when we we´re transfered!

Hope you all had a great week!

Sister Frongner

Sister Calasan and Sister Frongner on the island of Fogo

from the seaside of Fogo...

Sister Calasan and Sister Mikaela Frongner...said in her letter today how she is going to MISS this companion when transfers come.

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