Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving and a Baptism...

Thanksgiving dinner on Fogo - District prepared by Martineau's
Hey family!

I hope you all had a great week and an awesome Thanksgiving!  This week was great. We had a baptism!  Dina was baptized on Saturday.  We met her less than a month ago and she changed her life around and now she´s 2nd councelor in the Relief Society!  You could say she´s a miracle.  We love her to peices.  

We had our own little Thanksgiving here with the Martineau´s!  They are a couple serving in Fogo.  They´re awesome! We love them.  

We taught lots of people this week and found some amazing new friends.  We found a mother and daughter this week and the daughter (Jaci, 10 years old) just fell in love with us.  Every time she sees us she comes running with arms stretched out wide for a big hug.  We love her too.  Haha I guess we just really love everyone...

I spent one day on the other side of the island in Cova Figeuira with Sister Bybee for divisions.  It was great!  AND FREEZING.  It´s sure a good thing that I´ll come back to Utah during the summer because I can´t handle a speck of cold anymore.

I love this area and the people here.  I´m so grateful that I have this opportunity.  It´s changing my life for the better!  

Have a great week!

Lots of love, Sister Frongner
Day with Sister Bybee on other side of island Fogo, in Cova Figeuira

Sister Bybee and Sister Mikaela Frongner

Humble Christmas beginning...and first one in Africa

Baptism Dina 2, was the one baptized today

Dina 1 great friend of  Dina 2-  they live together...and Sister Frongner loves them both so very much
Picture of the 2 Dina's both very close friends.

Mother and her 10yo daughter whom we met and are teaching.  Love them so much!

Humble setting, no power or running water, teaching by candle light,  this beautiful family everyday( Sue and Zaza and Silidani- Sue's daughter

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