Monday, December 12, 2016

New Places, new people, new things...

Well fam, 


I got a call from President late on Monday night and left at 6 in the morning Tuesday morning. I guess there´s just some things you got to rip of like a bandaide... It was so fast.  And yes my heart broke. I miss Fogo so much!

But I am on the island of Sal now and it is amazing!  I am in love with the people and my area.  We have a giant area.  We live in the city (It´s definitely the nicest place I´ve seen for the past year) but then if you walk 10 minutes from our house you end up in the poorest place I´ve ever seen.  It´s a little bit of a shock every day.  But I adore the people.  They are so loving and welcoming!

I am continuing as a Sister Training Leader, and I´m also finishing the training of Sister Peterson. She´s from Arkansas and she´s so cute!  She has so much energy and excitement it´s awesome.  

I had the coolest experience my first night teaching in our area.  My companion said that we were going to go visit David, so we walk in and it´s one of my investigators from São Vicente!  He had moved to Sal a couple months ago and was introduced to the missionaries again!  We were both shocked and excited to see eachother again.  In that moment I realized that this is exactly where I´m supposed to be. 

I love this place!  I´m so grateful to have this opportunity to serve in Cabo Verde! 

Sister Frongner
New kitchen on her new island Sal

Sister Frongner's bed...girls are tickled to see their art work

Oh yeah, details on where I´m serving.

I´m serving in espargos in the city of preguica.  It´s funny because espargos is esparagus and preguica is lazy and we have an investigator named pão which means bread.  Everything just has funny names here.  But it´s awesome!

(Little update...note we may not have pictures for a bit.. see note from Mikaela below.)


My camera broke.  There was a handful of things that happened to it starting with a spider and then a lense problem and then ending with fruit syrup... Let´s just say there´s no fixing it. 

If you could find another cheap already used ebay camera and just use money from my bank account and get it here as soon as possible that would great!  Haha I can use my comps camera every once in a while, but it´s not quite as easy as having my own...

Anywho.... sorry about the inconvience.  I would buy one here but everything is really expensive on this island.  It´s the tourist island.  And it´s also not too reliable.

Hahaha, but I hope you all had a great week!  I loved seeing the pictures of the Christmas tree!  I´ll try to upload some pictures of our apartment onto drop box.


Sister Frongner

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