Monday, March 6, 2017

MUITAS Milagres...

Wow.  This week has been AMAZING.  I can´t even express my happiness and gratitude for this past week.  I am coming to understand more and more each day to how much God truly LOVES each and every one of us.  It´s incredible!  The goodness of our Heavenly Father is beyond comprehension. 

Each moment of each day this week was filled with miracles and tender mercies of the Lord.  

Last Monday I flew to Praia for Mission Leadership Council so I got to see some more of the awesome sisters here on the mission.  Council was so powerful, we talked a lot about faith and miracles. What amazes me about the gospel is that we never stop learning.  I felt like my eyes were opened to what faith really is and how willing the Lord is to bless us if we but put our trust in Him.

We have so many amazing people we are working with.  And even with all the amazing people we already have, God has continued to put more in our pathway! 

Sister Frongner and Sister Sorensen with little girl on Sal
On Saturday morning one of our appointments fell so we walked down a road in our area that we hadn´t yet walked, and right in front of us was a house with an amazing family inside.  We taught them and on Sunday they came to church with us!  During our first visit we had 13 people sitting on the floor around us, most of which being children.  It was a sweet experience.  I can´t wait to go back and talk with them more!

Also our sweet couple Mizi and Nicola are slowly but surely preparing for marriage.  As they have hit bumps in the road it has amazed me at how they have continued to put their faith in the Lord.  Yesterday Sister Sorensen and I were sitting out front of the church waiting for night church to start and in the distance I see a woman with a little child in one arm and two other little children walking at her side holding her other hand.  And as I looked closer I saw that it was Mizi!  She showed up early to church and she bore such a sweet simple testimony.  I LOVE THIS FAMILY!  We will be marking their date for marriage this week!

Ah I almost forgot.  I had quite a neat experience on Friday.  Actually it was quite unfortunate at first but due to a miracle every thing is ok :)  Sister Sorensen and I were running late to a doctors appointment and as we entered into the taxi, I unknowingly dropped my wallet.  We got to the doctors office and when I went to reach for my wallet it wasn´t there.  I was hoping that for some reason I left it in the apartment as I often forget many things there.  Unfortunately when we returned to the apartment it wasn´t there.  I began to pray that we could find it because I happened to have just about everything important in my wallet (I´ve learned my lesson now)... Anyway, although I was a little worried I felt an overwhelming peace come over me that it would all work out.  So we went out and taught some lessons and during one of them our phone kept ringing and ringing and ringing.  At the end of the lesson I called the number back and my wallet had been found!  Someone saw me drop it and they tracked down the President of the other branch and it was returned with EVERYTHING in it. So you could say that God is real.  Miracles still happen.  I am seeing them every day.  In the lives of those we work with and in my own.  

I LOVE THIS WORK.  I feel like the most grateful person on the face of the earth to be here and have the opportunity to share this sweet gospel with my dear brothers and sisters.  God is AMAZING! 

Have a great week!

Sister Frongner

Sister Bybee and Sister Frongner so excited to see her at training

Trip to Praia for training

Island of Sal...some of places Sister Frongner is tracting

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