Monday, May 1, 2017

Awesome Week!

Hey family and friends!

What a GREAT week. It was a little hard, and a little hot, but you could say I learned A LOT.  

One of our investigators and her boyfriend went and marked their marriage this past week!  So there will be another wedding coming up at the end of this month.  Woot!

We had an AMAZING devotional by an area 70 and his wife (Elder and Sister Adler from Germany) on Friday.  They talked a lot about the atonement and how we can apply it in our lives. It was very inspiring. 

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! So far I have had an awesome 21st birthday.  Sister Bybee and I went to a restaurant that is right on the ocean front.  SO BEAUTIFUL.  We had a very delicious buffet. We tried to go to some other fun places too... But today is a national holidayso pretty much everything is closed.  So it´s a blessing the cyber was opened to email you all! #blessed

Anyway, sorry I don´t have much to write this week.  So many things happen in one day and the week goes by so fast I feel like just yesterday we did email. And I seem to forget all the happenings. 

I´m so grateful to be here in Cabo Verde. I have learned so much about my Savior and how through Him and the power of His Atonement I can receive the strength to get up and become better. He wants us to place our burdens in His hands so he can help us carry them. I know that as we truly seek His help, He will be there!  His power will enter into our lives. I am nothing without Him.  I´m so grateful for my Savior and his sacrafice so that each one of us can find a lasting peace and one day return to the presence of our ever

loving Father in Heaven. 


Sister Frongner


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